The Norwegian women's handball team includes four Győri Audi ETO KC players who, as the Hungarian team, is qualified for the Olympic Games. Silje Solberg’s team had to fight two difficult opponents - Montenegro and Romania. They lost the first match against Montenegro, then beat the Romanians by five goals. After that there was even a bit of mathematical excitement for Kari Brattset's team, because they needed to Romania won their third match, but with less than 5 goals. In the end, this came together, so the Norwegian foreign legionnaires of Győri Audi ETO were happy to return to their club team and continue to fight for the highest goals.

Silje Solberg assessed the qualifying tournament as follows: "Both matches were difficult, with two very good opponents. We started really well against Montenegro, but we didn't find our best form and ended up losing by five goals. After that, we had to prepare very well mentally, because we knew we had to win by at least 5 goals against Romania to qualify. After the disappointment against Montenegro, we found our real fighting spirit and showed our true face against the Romanians. However, we couldn't be too happy because even the our success is depended to the third match."

Kari Brattset added some news of her team-mate's report: "We had to qualify against very tough opponents, Montenegro and Romania are two strong teams. In the first game against Montenegro, none of the aspects of our game went as well as we would have liked. We didn’t perform well in the defence and that's why we struggled to score goals. Fortunately against Romania we managed to improve a lot, we fought hard and played a good match against a strong opponent. We are happy that we have finally achieved our goals, although with great struggle and excitement, but we can travel to Tokyo in the summer!"