The groups of the women's handball tournament of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo has been drawn by the International Handball Federation. The Hungarian women's national team, drawn from the 3rd pot, was placed in Group B, where rather difficult opponents come together. The group stage will begin on 25 July 2021, from where the top four finishers will qualify for the next round.

"We have a very serious group that includes the European elite and the strength of the Brazilian national team does not need to be shown to anyone. From the many strong teams, I think, the French national team exceeds, but if the other opponents; we look at the Russians, Swedes or Spaniards, you can see that anyone can reach the podium. It speaks for itself what group we're in. However, the draw depended on luck, we cannot do anything about it. We've got opponents here, we've got to prepare against them to achive our goals and qualify for the quarter-finals. We will prepare with this attitude and will continue to do our best," coach Gabor Danyi said of the Olympic draw.

XXXII. Summer Olympics, Tokyo, Japan, 23 July to 8 August 2021
Handball, group phase

Group A: Netherlands, Montenegro, Norway, Japan, Republic of Korea, Angola

Group B: Spain, Russian Olympic Committee team, Hungary, Sweden, France, Brazil

Schedule of the Hungarian women's national team in Group B:
July 25: Hungary-France
July 27: Hungary-Brazil
July 29: Hungary-Russian Olympic Committee team
July 31: Hungary-Spain
2 August: Hungary-Sweden

Quarter-finals: 4 August

Semi-finals: Agustus 6.

Bronze, final: 8 August