In the rematch of the Quarter-finals of the DELO WOMEN'S EHF Champions League, the Győri Audi ETO KC team hosted Buducnost from Montenegro with an 11-goal advantage. After the visitors half-time lead, our defence improved in the second half and we gained a three-goal, 24-21 victory.

Gabor Danyi, head coach, started the rematch with Fodor, Kristiansen, Brattset, Oftedal, Nze Minko, Lukács and with Leynaud in the goal. For the first goal of the match we had to wait more than three minutes when Fodor scored to Arenhart's goal. Kristiansen's goal not only increased the number of the team's goals , but also that was her 150th goal in the Champions League. In the first quarter of an hour, our opponent led by two goals, but due to a good period we caught up to 6-6  for the last 10 minutes of the half. The first half ended with a 10-11 visitor’s’ lead.

The Montenegrins scored the first goal of the second half, but the teams were already neck and neck with two goals from Faluvégi. Less than 15 minutes before the end, the team led by one goal. (19-18) Turning to the endgame, the team speeded up their game, and with Solberg's saves the defence was improved as well. Görbicz's 7m goal meant a three-goal advantage for the girls. By the end of the game, the girls didn’t let the advantage out of their hands, and with a 24-21 result, they beat Buducnost by 14 goals on aggregate and deservedly made it into the FINAL4.

The draw for the FINAL4 will be held online on Tuesday at 17:30 and will be broadcast live on Sport TV and EHF channels.

Gábor Danyi: "I knew this match would be completely different and our opponent showed its true face today, despite the many problems that affected them, they were real fighters on the court today. In the first game, there was no real difference between the two teams. I would like to congratulate Podgorica! Of course, I'm very glad and proud of my team for getting into FINAL4, where we would like to win again naturally!"

Veronica Kristiansen: "Buducnost has an incredible and inspiring warrior spirit, that's exactly what we lacked in the first half. Although, I am very happy that we made it into FINAL4! I would like to congratulate Buducnost because they are a very good team!"

Bojana Popovic: "We fought the whole match and we wanted to show that we had a bad day on the previous match and we also wanted to show that we did a good job throughout the CL season. Today we played with our minds rather than our hearts. Congratulations to Győr and wish them every success! I'm proud of my team, I'm very grateful to them for the work they've done.'

Majda Mehmedovic: "First of all, I would like to congratulate Győr and wish them every success for the FINAL4! I was unable to play in the previous match due to an injury sustained in the Olympic qualifying tournament, but I am very happy to be able to help the team today. We played very well, it was the last game for Buducnost for a lot of people, so it was very emotional. I would like to say thank you to my teammates, Bojana Popovic and to my family!"