Tickets for the Hungarian Cup FINAL4 can be taken over for our fans in Győr. Tickets can be received from the supporters' association on Thursday evening in Győr and on Saturday in Veszprém.

The ETO Kézilabda Fan Club draws the attention of ticket buyers who have requested and paid for the Tippmix Török Bódog Women's Hungarian Cup final tickets, that the tickets can be taken over on Thursday, May 13, 2021, 6 to 7PM, in Győr, at 8th of Herman Otto Street (Makk Hetes Wine Bar). Tickets can be received on Saturdays from 1:15 to 2PM in front of the Veszprém Arena by the buses.

Fans who travel to Veszprém by supporter buses can also take over their tickets on the trip.

It is important that the tickets are valid for both days, there is no possibility of replacement. Furthermore, tickets are only allowed to enter the Veszprém Arena once each day, so it is not possible to leave the facility either during half-time or between games, because it is no longer possible to go back that day.

In addition to the tickets, you will need to show your Immunity Certificate and ID card. According to the information of the organizers, it is mandatory to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth throughout the Veszprém Arena.