The most expected event of the summer of 2021 is the Tokyo Olympic Games. The Győri Audi ETO KC team is represented by a total of twelve players in their country's national team in the Olympic Games. With quick interviews, we look at how our players are preparing.

Kari Bratsett Dale, Silje Solberg, Stine Oftedal and Veronica Kristiansen represent the Győri Audi ETO KC in the Norwegian national team in Tokyo. We asked Stine Oftedal, the centreback of the European champion national team.

How's the training camp going? Where are you now? Will there be preparation elsewhere?

Right now we’re in Capbreton in France, having a 16 days long training camp. After that we will have a few days off before we travel to Fukuoka in Japan for the final trainings.

How is the Norwegian national team's preparations for the Olympics going?

We’re training well with a balance of physical training and handball. So far it’s been a good mix!

Are there friendly matches in programme?

We played two matches against France, we won the first confidently, the second match was a draw.  We will play friendly matches against Sweden and Hungary in Japan before the Olympics.

How much do you look forward to the Olympics?

I expect a lot. Playing in the Olympic Games is the biggest thing for any athlete and I hope we can play a great tournament.