We have previously reported on the preparations of our team's Norwegian national team players for the Tokyo Olympic Games. In this article we can get an insight into the preparations of the players from the French national team.


Doudou, how was the training camp?

Our traning camp was in South France, in Capbreton, we had trainings and friendly games there.

What do you think, how useful were the matches?

We played two friendly matches with Norway, so we also played our teammates Stine, Veronica, Kari and Silje. In the first game we lost, in the second we had a better play, the match finished with a draw result.

Was there any special program in the preparation of the last few weeks?

We went on a bike tour and visited the ocean. We tried surfing there, which was a new experience for me, as I have never tried this sport before.

How much do you look forward to the Olympics?

I think every nation travels to Tokyo for the best possible performance, as are we - we would like to return home with a gold medal! The whole team is looking forward to the Olympics, we are going step-by-step with the preparation, we feel like a really good, united team right now. We're in a very strong group, it's not going to be easy for anyone. We're playing our first match against Hungary, I'm happy, it'll be nice to meet the teammates.