The Győri Audi ETO KC is preparing with six new players in the squad for the 2021/2022 season.

We are launching a series to get know our new players. In the forthpart of the series, we will continue our team with Ryu Eun Hee, who will be a strengthen our team from the 2021/2022 season.

Welcome to Győr! You are the first Asian player of Győri Audi ETO. How do you feel here?

I really like everything here, especially our home, the Arena. In particular, it is very good that it is equipped with everything that is necessary. Everything at the club is organized, so I don't have to deal with anything but sports. The employees of the club help to me in everything, so I can easily solve the challenges of everyday life. First impressions are great, I feel really good here.

What does it mean to you that you've signed for a five-time Champions League winning team, an international top level club?

When I watched the last FINAL4 at home, I realised I was going to be part of this team. Even then, I started to think about what role I am going to play in the team, and I set myself the goal of making the best contribution to the team's success with my own work. It's very important to me to be present in the CL and I really want to win everything with the girls.

How did you feel when you signed a contract with the club?

When the negotiations started, I didn't know when I'd be able to come, exactly where I was going to arrive. Now that I'm here, I can see the professional conditions in Győr and I have absolutely no doubts. I know I made the right decision. I am convinced that this is the beginning of a period of importance for my career. Now that I'm here, I'm less excited, but I'm really looking forward to playing matches in front of our fantastic fans. Maybe that'll make me nervous again.

We're looking forward to the moment as well... You have had the first training sessions. How did the girls greet you? How did you feel?

I was afraid for a moment that there would be a distance between us, but as soon as the training started, I felt like they were caring and paying attention to me. Of course, there are still minor difficulties with regard to language, but I feel that we are constantly improving in this, the girls are also helping, so this does not cause discomfort. I see very positively the work of those around me, whether it's the medical team, the coaching staff or the staff.

You speak English well, but do you plan to learn a few words in Hungarian?

The Hungarian language will probably be closer to me than the French. I've heard simpler phrases from teammates and I'd like to learn more. I try to learn Hungarian, but it will not be easy, as it is a very difficult language.

What are first impressions like?

I was impressed by interesting little things. For example, when I got out of the Audi stickered with the club crest, people greeted me and it felt really good. It gives me a way to see how much handball means to people here. That's extra motivation for me. At first it will be difficult to fit into the team, but I will do my best to always be better and be able to deliver the performances that are expected.

In Győr we always fight for the highest goals on both domestic and international stage. What would make you happy with at the end of the season?

The primary goal is for the team to finish first on all fronts. It's also important to make a good impression as a real team, as everyone does their best to succeed.

Are there some teammates, who you looked forward so much to work together?

Maybe Stine Oftedal, with whom I'm really looking forward to playing together, but I really don't want to emphasize anyone, because the whole team is a well-built, strong squad. That was one of the reasons I signed up here.

How do you like Győr? Did you have time to get to know it?

I was only able to look around while I was doing official business, but so far I really like it. I experienced a real European feeling. I'm glad my apartment is by the waterfront. It's a big difference from South Korea that the air is clean, which is very pleasant for me.

How open are you to discovering Hungarian cuisine?

I would like to go to Budapest and try the really Hungarian restaurants. I've heard of goulash, and I've tasted it once, but I'd like to try it here too.

The Győri Audi Eto is also famous for its fans, and they accompany the team everywhere. Do you have a message for them?

I hope that soon many people will be able to cheer in the arena, I hope they will enjoy the clashes. My message is that there will be good matches and that there is no way they should miss it. Come and cheer for us.