Three members returned to our club’s training camp in Balatonboglár injured after the Olympics. Dr. Péter Balogh was asked to expound the condition of the injured.​

The players of the Győri Audi ETO KC are working according to plan in the training camp in Balatonboglár. However, Ambros Martín unfortunately cannot count on three players: Kari Brattset Dale, Estelle Nze Minko and Linn Blohm also returned to Győr from Tokyo with injuries.

Olympic champion Estelle Nze Minko has been battling injury for the longest time. “She sprained her forefoot in our last league match, and started with an injury to his national team for Olympic preparations. Since we had to travel the next day after the match, we did not have the opportunity to assess her condition in Győr. During her examination there, the MRI confirmed trauma involving a ligament and bone cartilage. For most of the preparation period, after medication, injection, and rehabilitation treatment, she enlisted in the defense for the Olympics. To the best of our knowledge, she was injured in the match for the finals, but her participation in the finals was also agreed to by the medical staff of the player and the French national team. During her return to our club, she also had serious complaints during normal walking, a corresponding change in her primary injury confirmed by an MRI control examination. Physiotherapy and physiotherapy rehabilitation without running and jumping load are currently underway. The next control examination is due early next week, during which we can decide whether to increase the load. ” - stated dr. Péter Balogh the team’S doctor.

Kari Brattset Dale's situation is different only in that she was injured in the Norwegian national team. “During the Olympic preparations and the overload during the matches played in Tokyo, the complaint of the adductor muscle group developed, with the improvement and elimination of which the load-bearing right hip joint complaints came into view. She is currently undergoing rehabilitation treatment, given that she had a hip injury years ago, which according to our information was a cartilage fringe injury that did not require surgery. Although it has been free of complaints in the recent years, even under intense exercise, the complaints which developed after the peak load of the Olympic cycle demand a full investigation, and the evaluation of hip MRI. We will be able to decide on a return in the knowledge of this. ” Our team doctor continued.

The new player of our club, Linn Blohm, also arrived in Győr with a minor injury. “She suffered a shoulder muscle injury at the Olympics. We do not have the complete documentation on this, to the best of our knowledge, the partial rupture of the inverted muscle group could be presumed. Rehabilitation is currently in process. In addition, she participates in the work of the training camp as much as possible, thus we can assess her status, condition and the expected time of her return to sports after the planned shoulder girdle MR examination after her return home,. ” - said dr. Péter Balogh.

Dorottya Faluvégi felt pain in her thighs during a training session at the Balatonboglár training camp, but the examinations showed that fortunately it was only a minor injury. “Dorottya has minimal long-thigh tension injury. 7-10 days of rehabilitation and rest awaits her. The controll examination will be one week from now, then we will decide when she can return to the field. ” - stated dr. Péter Balogh, the team’s doctor.

We wish our injured players improvement and to return as soon as possible.