The DELO EHF Women's Handball Champions League was launched with derby for the Győri Audi ETO KC. In the first round, the Norwegian Vipers Kristiansand was welcomed by our team at the Audi Arena Győr. After a weak start, the Oftedal’s caught up in the second part of the half and ended up with a four-goal advantage, 17-13. In the second half, the visiting team couldn't reduce the gap, and our team won 35–29 against the defending champion in the first round.

Ambros Martín: "Thank you for today's match and congratulations to my team and our fans. It's not easy to start the season in home against a team like that. The Vipers started the match very well, we stayed patient even at the bigger disadvantage and waited for the moment when we could get closer. We organised the defence in the first half, which helped Silje Solberg, who defended superbly. These matches are too early for both teams because we haven't been able to fully integrate our new players yet, but we shouldn't rush, time is working for us."

Silje Solberg: "Both teams have more new players, it was impossible to know what to expect form them. It feels really good to be able to start a game like this and bring it to such a high level. The Vipers started well and we made a lot of mistakes, but we stayed calm when we were at a disadvantage, we believed in a concept and ourselves, and that helped us win. It feels fantastic to play in such an atmosphere again in front of such an audience."