The International Sport and Innovation Conference was held for the fourth time by the University of Physical Education and the National Handball Academy (NEKA). The first day of the three-day event took place on the Campus of the University of Physical Education, and further programs were held at the NEKA headquarters in Balatonboglár. Dr. Csaba Bartha, the president of the Győri Audi ETO KC in Győr, was also invited to the event.

The roundtable discussions took place for three days at the conference in English and Hungarian language. In addition to the professional discussions, various practical presentations and workshops were held. Dr. Csaba Bartha, the president of our club and the managing director of the Győti Audi ETO KC Academy, was also invited to the roundtable discussion on the academies.

“The conference, organized by the National Handball Academy as a methodological center, touched on all areas of sports science. Thus, among other things, the possibility of theoretical and methodological developments in sports, the description of biomechanical developments on a practical level, the application of knowledge in the social sciences (eg psychology) and the career-oriented presentation of diagnostic and medical procedures also played an important role. We spent an extremely valuable professional day with the leaders and staff of the Handball Academies, where during the personal conversations between the performances we agreed on a good atmosphere, forward-looking innovative developments. We discussed the further development of the children working at the Academy, also highlighting the competition system. I am rally glad, that i have been a part of the conference and I look forward to continuing this valuable series and also I congratulate the organizers. ” Said Dr. Csaba Bartha.

The unique conference, which attracted four to five hundred participants, was a great success this year as well. The informative event, which offers a wide range of knowledge in the field of sports, helped the expansion of the knowledge of sports professionals and the acquisition of the latest professional trends.