National captain Vladimir Golovin named the members of the professional staff for the women's handball team. It is an honor that the head coach also requires the work of two of professionals of Győr. Krisztina Pigniczki, the head coach of our Academy 1 team, will be the coach of the national team, and Zoltán Holanek will be responsible for fitness training sessions.

On the website of the Hungarian Handball Federation pronounced the new professional staff of the Hungarian adult women's handball team. Krisztina Pigniczki, the head coach of our Academy 1 team, and Vladimir Golovin, the new Hungarian women's national captain, are working together again. The two professionals have achieved great success together in the women's junior team.

"It was unexpected when Vladimir Golovin approached me, but I was very happy about it. I said yes, especially when we discussed that my job at the club would be compatible with the position of assistant coach. The president of Győri Audi ETO KC, Dr. Csaba Bartha, expressed his support for my new position and assured me that the club supported me in everything. I'm looking forward to working with the national team, I'm sure it'll be different from the juniors. I trust that we can do a successful job in the period ahead." – said Krisztina Pigniczki.

Zoltán Holanek was the fitness coach of Győri Audi ETO KC, also get a job on Vladimir Golovin's professional staff. The specialist can continue his previously started work in the professional staff of the national team.

"I was delighted with the coach's request and was happy to continue with the national team. I am confident that the work I have done so far with the national team has been a suitable letter of recommendation to continue and I look forward to working with you. Thank you to the management of Győri Audi ETO KC, President Csaba Bartha for supporting me in my appearance for the national team." – said Zoltán Holanek.


The new professional team will meet the squad for the first time in October. The Hungarian national team will play against Portugal at home on 6th of October, away against Slovakia on 10th of October in a European Championship qualifier, and will play against Spain at the World Cup in November.



National captain: VLADIMIR GOLOVIN

Coach: Krisztina PIGNICZKI

Goalkeeper coach: Norbert DULEBA

Fitness coach: Zoltán HOLANEK

Doctor: Balázs LOHNER

Physiotherapist: Csaba SZIKRA-MEZEY

Masseur: Daniel SÁNDOR

Technical Manager: Zsófia PÁSZTOR

Video operator: Mark KOVÁCS