In the third round of the DELO EHF Champions League, Győri Audi ETO KC welcomed the Russian CSKA team in Audi Arena Győr. From the first minute our team controlled the game, but they could not break away from their opponents more than one or two goals, the half ended with a 17–15 lead to Győr. In the second 30 minutes, our team presented the masterpeace of defense and win with ten goals against the CSKA.

Ambros Martín’s team started the match with Lukács, Kristiansen, Oftedal, Pintea, Hansen, Schatzl and with Solberg at the goal. The match started with two quick goals from Győr, but the guests quickly caught up and in the 6th minute the scoreboard showed a 3–3 result. After a quarter of an hour, the teams continued to go head to head, and our team could not get away from the Russians by more than one goal (10–9). In the 19th minute Veronica Kristiansen was shown a red card for throwing the goalkeeper over the head at a seven-metre penalty. The biggest difference between the two teams developed in the end of the half, we led 17-13, but in the end the teams went to the break with a two-goals advantage (15-17).

The second half was started with Crina Pintea's 2 minutes suspension, which was exploited by the guests and equalized in two minutes. After that, however, the girls showed incredible tough defence, and thanks to the parade of Silje Solberg, in the 42nd minute we led by 4, to 22 – 18. By the last 10 minutes of the match, the advantage had continued to extend, the defence practically closed the gap, and the team took a seven-goal lead (27-20). Stine Oftedal scored in the 58th minute to make it 10. At the end of the match, the guests reached an overtime seven-metre penalty, which they scored, and the we won 32–22.

Ambros Martín: "We expected a very tough match and we got this too. Despite the problems of the first half, we were able to stay calm, the point was to put our defence in order. When we did, it gave us the confidence to attack. In addition to our tough defence, Silje Solberg was also fantastic, so we managed to win confidently. Congratulations to my players and the fans who were fantastic today."

Crina Pintea: "We played opposite halves. In the first half our defence wasn't good enough and we were able to improve a lot in the second half. We played as a real capital team today!"