In the 6th round of the K&H Women's Handball League, Győri Audi ETO KC played in Budaörs. In the first half our team made a lot of mistakes, after a 3 goal lead at half time, we finally won the second half with a 21-goal victory against our Pest County opponent.


Our team was missing Crina Pintea and Dorottya Faluvégi due to injury, while Estell Nze Minko and Laura Glauser were given a rest by Ambros Martín today.  Our manager started the match with Fodor, Hansen, Kristiansen, Blohm, Ryu, Lukács and Leynaud in goal, which started with a 3 - 0 ETO run. The home side scored their first goal in the fourth minute. After ten minutes we had a three-goal lead, 6 - 3. With Győr leading by four goals in the 12th minute, the home team's head coach called his first time-out of the game (7 - 3). A few minutes later, however, our team was leading by five goals, 9 - 4. By the last ten minutes of the half, the home team reduced the disadvantage, but we still had a two-goal lead (9 - 7). The first 30 minutes ended with a 3 goal lead, 12 - 9.

In the second half Silje Solberg came into the goal and made a save. The home team had less and less resistance to our defence and in the 40th minute we were leading by nine goals (11 - 20) and in the 44th minute with Stine Oftedal's score, the difference between the two teams increased to 10 (22 - 12). By the end of the game, the gap between the two teams had widened, and in the 49th minute the difference was 15 in our favour (27 - 12). By the final minutes it was only a question of the extent of the victory, and in the end we had a confident 36 - 15 win in Budaörs.

Ambros Martín: "We played two contrasting halves, our plan was to have a similar level in both, but Budaörs played great in the beginning, their goalkeeper made several great saves. We tried to physically force our opponent to play at a high tempo in the first half so that they would be more tired in the second half, and we succeeded.

Nadine Schatzl: "Congratulations to Budaörs especially for their first half performance. We made several mistakes in the first half, which we managed to rectify in the second. I am happy that we won."