Győri Audi ETO's away national league match against Érd was cancelled , as one of the hosts' players tested positive for the coronavirus. The team from Érd made a very sportsmanlike decision not to play the match to avoid any further infection.


The team of Győri Audi ETO KC was already at the Érd Arena when the news arrived: one of the opponent's players tested positive. The management of the club immediately started negotiations with the Competition Office of the Hungarian Handball Federation (HHF) regarding the fate of the match. According to the current tournament rules, it was not possible to postpone the match to a later date, so the home club decided not to play the match brought forward from the 10th round, mainly to preserve the health of our players.

"I would like to thank the sportclub of Érd and especially Andrea Fenyőházi Nagy, the managing director, for the decision not to play. I think it was the most appropriate decision, in the spirit of fair play, taking into account the health of the players and the sporting objectives of our club. I wish the infected player a speedy recovery and the team of Érd every success in the future." - said Dr. Csaba Bartha, President of Győri Audi ETO KC.

After the opponent team’s decision, the fate of the two championship points will be officially decided by the Professional and Competition Committee of the Hungarian Football Association, but it is expected that our team will get the two points with a goal difference of 10-0.