The Competition Committee of the Hungarian Handball Federation has decided on the fate of the two points of the Hungarian League match between Érd and Győri Audi ETO KC, which was cancelled due to a coronavirus infection. According the decision our team got the match point with a score of 10 - 0.


It is known, that our team travelled to Érd on 2 November 2021 for the 10th round of the K&H Women's Handball League. At the venue, the home team reported that one of their players had tested positive immediately before the match, so in order to protect our team and avoid further infections, they decided not to play the match.

As mentioned above, the decision of the Competition Committee of MKSZ on 8 November 2021 decided the fate of the two championship points.  According to the decision of the committee, with a goal difference of 10 - 0, the victory and the two championship points are awarded to Győri Audi ETO KC. The decision is not yet final, as the teams concerned have 15 days to appeal against the first instance decision.