A rest was given by head coach Ambros Martín for Ryu Eun Hee at today's meeting, while Dorottya Faluvégi was still unavailable for the team due to injury, but Crina Pintea was able to play again. Our team started the match with Fodor, Despotovic, Oftedal, Blohm, Nze Minko, Lukács and Solberg in the goal. The meeting started with an Oftedal goal, and in the 10th minute our team was leading by three goals (6 –3). Fodor's goal in the 19th minute gave us a five-goal lead (11-6). Crina Pintea, returning from injury, scored the team's 14th goal, increasing the difference between the two teams to eight (14-6). By the end of the half, the gap became wider between the two teams, the half ended with a 19-9 lead in Győr.

In the second half Laura Glauser came into the goal. Our team continued to maintain their confident lead and was leading by nine goals against their Turkish opponents in the 41st minute (24-15). Our girls dazzled the fans with an entertaining game and fabulous goals. By the middle of the half, our team had increased their advantage to 11 goals (28-17). In the last ten minutes we switched to an increased tempo and finally won 37-20 against the newcomer Kastamonu.

Ambros Martín: "It's really not easy to play here, congratulations to the opponent, because they didn't give up for a minute. It is a difficult season for us, because the team plays a lot of matches in a Wednesday-Saturday rhythm. We played with concentration throughout, and managed to achieve our goals in the match. It was a real TEAM EFFORT with capital letters. We keep movingforward from match to match. I miss the sold-out arena a little bit, I hope next time as many people as possible will come and encourage the team, because it helps us a lot!"

Noémi Hafra: " In a match like this you have to concentrate the most and we showed that it works. As a real team, we go forward holding eachother’s hands. We were able to score important goals from starts and our defence worked well, I think we managed to win with that.'