A full house was waiting for the teams at Győri Audi ETO KC's last home game of the season, the championship match against FTC. Although the team led by several goals in the middle of the first half, the teams went to rest with a one-goal lead for Győr, 13 - 12. The second half was dominated by our team, and with a tough defensive performance ETO won 25 - 20 in the match at the Audi Arena Győr.

Dorottya Faluvégi was still not available due to injury, Laura Glauser and Crina Pintea were left out of the squad in accordance with the HHF Competition Rules, which allow 14 adult players to be entered for a tournament. Ambros Martín chose the six of Lukács, Kristiansen, Brattset, Hansen, Oftedal, Schatzl and Leynaud as starters. The match started with a Kristiansen penalty, which was immediately answered by a seven-metre goal for Ferencváros (1-1). In the first minutes, the goals were alternating, but thanks to the team's tough defence and Amandine Leynaud, the team led by three goals in the tenth minute, 6 - 3. Halfway through the first half, Gábor Elek called for a time-out, but our girls kept their three-goal lead (7 - 4). In the last ten minutes of the period, we turned to a two-goal lead after Amandine Leynaud caught Malestein's seven-metre shot (9 - 7). Linn Blohm's goal in the 22nd minute brought the gap between the two teams to four goals for the first time (11 - 7). At the end of the half, the visiting team caught up and the teams went into the break with a one-goal lead.

Both teams started nervously at the beginning of the second half, and in the 33rd minute the visitors equalized (13 - 13), but could not take the lead. By the middle of the half, our team held a two-goal lead, 17 - 15, over the team from the capital. Amandine Leynaud continued to show off in the Győr's goal, and the offensive line, which had been in poor form today, confidently held the Győr lead (21 - 17). In the last minutes there was no question about the fate of the two points and our team won to 25 - 20, so now only Győri Audi ETO KC is unbeaten in this year's K&H Women's Handball League.


Ambros Martín: "I think that we played a match worthy of the two teams' autumn performances. The match today was mainly about defence and the performance of the goalkeepers. Our attacking play had more errors than usual. The pressure was on us and we felt it, we wanted to score goals too early and that's why we made a lot of mistakes. I am satisfied with my team's performance and we will continue on our way to regain the title."

Amandine Leynaud: "Every year it's a big challenge to face Ferencváros. It's a match like this that makes being a sportsman worthwhile because it's fantastic to play in. Yes, I made some great saves today, but it was also thanks to our great defence."