The 2021 calendar year has come to an end for Győri Audi ETO KC. Our team had a flawless autumn, as they left the field victorious in all 18 matches.

Győri Audi ETO KC finished the autumn of the 2021/2022 season with an unblemished record, with 18 wins from 18 matches. Nine out of ten league matches were won  on the pitch, while the match against Érd (the opponent did not play due to a crown virus infection) was "won" on the green table. In the Champions League, no team has beaten our favourites, with 8 wins from 8 matches.

In the 17 matches played, we have scored 597 times, 313 in the league and 284 in the Champions League. Our defence conceded to 407 goals in total, 216 in the National League and 193 in the Champions League. On average, we won all our games by 11 goals, as our goal average was 35 goals scored and only 24 goals conceded.

Our team scored the most goals in the BL against IK Sävehof, 41 (30.10.2021. Győri Audi ETO KC - IK Sävehof 41 - 19), while in the league we scored the most goals against Szombathely, 44 times (20.10.2021. Győri Audi ETO KC - Hungast Szombathelyi KKA 44 - 25).

The top scorer is Veronica Kristiansen with 57 goals, followed by Linn Blohm with 53 goals and third is Csenge Fodor with 52 goals.

The biggest goal difference was achieved in the already mentioned IK Sävehof match, where we won by 22 goals, while the BL match against Metz was our closest win of the autumn, i.e. nobody came closer than four goals (23.10.2021. 23.10.2021. Metz Handball - Győri Audi ETO KC 29 - 33).