Recently, several foreign media outlets have reported that Győri Audi ETO KC’s right back Jelena Despotovic will have to miss the Women's World Handball Championship in Spain in December due to an injury. Our club would like to have correct statements to be released about the player's state of health, so we asked the team’s doctor Dr. Péter Balogh.

In recent days, there have been reports on several domestic sites that – according to foreign media outlets – our team's right back, Jelena Despotovic will miss the World Cup due to a serious injury and will even need surgery. As before, Győri Audi ETO KC will always communicate news about the health conditions of its players, (if there are any) in a transparent manner. In the case of Jelena Despotovic, we asked our team's chief doctor, Dr. Péter Balogh, to explain the player's current health status.

"In Jelena Despotovic's case we are not talking about a new injury, but a recurrence of a shoulder complaint she has had in the past, that develops from excessive use/overuse. Due to this reason, continuous, excessive load - which is inevitable for the players in a world tournament - is not recommended. In order for her complaints to cease and her shooting shoulder to heal completely, i.e. for her to be 100% available to the team from January, a complex physiotherapeutic treatment is required in the coming weeks, which we will of course carry out." – said team’s doctor Dr. Péter Balogh.

In the future, Győri Audi ETO KC will continue to communicate about issues concerning the players exclusively through its official channels, i.e. its website and social media pages.