The 25th Women's Handball World Cup started on 1 December with a win for the host Spain over Argentina. On the second day of play the Hungarian women's handball team will step to the court. They will be joined by Denmark and South Korea, who will also have players from our club.


The 25th Women's Handball World Championship kicked off with the match between Spain and Argentina on December 1st. The hosts won the opening match with a confident 29 - 13 victory.

The Hungarian women's handball team arrived in Valencia, Spain, on Tuesday, 30 November and will start their World Championshipcampaign on Thursday 2 December. We asked our club's left back Noémie Háfra, about her experiences and the atmosphere on the first days.

"We are staying in a very good place, but it's a bit strange that it's not winter here and the weather is very nice. The weather cools down in the evening, and it was cold in the training hall because they haven't turned the heating on yet. The mood of the national team is very good, of course we are excited, but in my opinion it is not the typical nervousness. We want to enjoy the game, we want to take advantage of the opportunity and our goal is to put our heart and soul on the pitch." - said the player of our team.

The Hungarian national team will start the Chgampionship against Slovakia on 3 December at 20:30. The match will be broadcasted by M4 Sport.  In the other group match, Germany will face the Czech Republic at 18h00.

Denmark, with Anne Mette Hansen, and South Korea, with Ryu Eun Hee, will also start their World Cup campaign in Group F. The South Koreans will take on Congo at 18h00 on 2 December, while the Danes face Tunisia at 8.30.

Other matches on the day:

18:00 Austria vs China (Group H)

18:00 Croatia vs Brazil (Group G)

20:30 Japan vs Paraguay (Group G)