The relationship between Leier Hungaria Kft and Győri Audi ETO KC goes back a long time. The cooperation will continue, since the managing director of Leier Hungaria Kft., Andor Komlós and the president of our club, Dr. Csaba Bartha extended the partnership.

Another sponsorship contract has been extended, our club and Leier Hungaria Kft. have signed a partnership agreement for another year.

"A stable background is very important in the life of a club, so it is always a pleasure to continue a relationship that goes back a long way. The relationship between Győri Audi ETO KC and Leier Hungaria Kft. is such a relationship. We thank them for their trust and for being our sponsors again this year." - said President Dr. Csaba Bartha.

"It was natural to continue the excellent relationship with the club, as I am also a big handball fan. On the other hand, as a Győr-based company, we consider it important to support the sports clubs in the city. We are proud to continue our support of Győri Audi ETO KC. I trust that their goals and success will continue to bring a smile to the faces of all handball lovers." -said Andor Komlós, Managing Director of Leier Hungaria Kft.