The 25th Women's Handball World Championship in Spain has come to an end. In the match for the bronze medal, Denmark won confidently against the hosts Spain, while Norway triumphed over France in the final.

The Danish team, featuring Anne Mette Hansen, recorded a confident victory over hosts Spain to win the bronze medal at the World Championships, their first medal at an international event since 2013. The Danes led by three goals in the first half (16 - 13). The Nordic dominance continued as the game progressed, with the Spanish rarely stopping their opponents from scoring, and they eventually took third place on the podium with a 35 - 28 victory. Anne Mette Hansen scored six goals in the match.

In the final, France met Norway.  Although the French team had a big lead in the first half (16 - 12), the second half saw a complete change of the game. Led by a superb defensive display from Silje Solberg, Norway came back and then played an incredible game to win the World Cup final by seven goals, 29-22. Estelle Nze Minko scored 2 goals in the meeting, while Kari Brattset Dale and Stine Oftedal contributed 5-5 and Veronica Kristiansen 2 goals to Norway's victory.

Kari Brattset Dale was voted MVP of the World Championship.



  1. Norway

  2. France

  3. Denmark

  4. Spain

  5. Sweden

  6. Brazil

  7. Germany

  8. Russian team

  9. Netherlands


11. Japan

12. Serbia

13. Romania

14. South Korea

15. Poland

16. Austria

17. Slovenia

18. Croatia

19. Czech Republic

20. Puerto Rico

21. Argentina

22. Montenegro

23. Congo

24. Kazakhstan

25. Angola

26. Slovakia

27. Tunisia

28. Cameroon

29. Paraguay

30. Uzbekistan

31. Iran

32. China  


Photo source: IHF