The musical "Puskás" is a fitting tribute to Ferenc Puskás, the most famous Hungarian sportsman, and the Golden Team. Our club has been asked to play the role of the English steward,  which for each performance will be played by a prominent figure from Győri Audi ETO KC.

One of the interesting features of the latest production of the Győr National Theatre, Puskás, the Musical, is that the role of the English Steward in the Match of the Century, or the English-Hungarian clash, is played by a prominent personality of the city, from performance to performance, as was the case in the Budapest premiere. This is the role that Győri Audi ETO KC has been asked to play.

In January, our club president Dr. Csaba Bartha, our sports director Anita Görbicz, our head coach Ambros Martín and our player Stine Oftedal will appear on stage as the English steward.

"When Dr. Gábor Bakos-Kiss, the director of the Győr National Theatre, approached me about the possibility of some members of Győri Audi ETO KC performing in the musical “Puskás”, I said yes without a second thought. Ferenc Puskás is an example not only for Hungarian football, but for all sportsmen and women. It is a great honour to be able to perform in a play in memory of the most famous Hungarian." - said President Dr. Csaba Bartha.

On Tuesday, 4 January, at 17:00, the audience can meet Ambros Martín, on Wednesday, 5 January, at 10:45, Stine Oftedal and at 19:00 Dr. Csaba Bartha, and on 7 January Anita Görbicz on stage.

1937 Hungary. One ball, eleven children: the country's sporting history is changed forever. 1945. We are at a summer match, a goal is scored in the 12th minute – Puskás's first goal as a member of the Hungarian national team. It's also the 12th minute of the performance, but the ball doesn't stop and keeps bouncing through the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, where the Golden Team came together, through the match at Wembley Stadium, to the match of the century, where the legendary 6:3 is born.


Photo source. Péter Jakócs