match postponed from the 9th round of the DELO EHF Champions League, Győri Audi ETO KC played at the home of IK Sävehof. At the beginning of the first half, Sävehof surprised our team, but at the halftime our team was leading by three goals. In the second half there was no question about the fate of the two points, in the end of the match Győri Audi ETO KC won to 31-25.


For the Champions League match against Sävehof, Ambros Martín gave Amandine a rest for Leynaud and Stine Oftedal, so the team travelled to Sweden without them.

Our head coach started the match with Glauser in the goal, and the attacking line of Lukács, Ryu, Nze Minko, Hansen, Blohm, Schatzl. Estelle Nze Minko scored the first goal of the match from a quick start, but the home team was leading in the fourth minute (2 – 1). Our team made several technical mistakes in the first ten minutes, the defence was not tough enough, so the home team kept their advantage (6 – 4). After a quarter of an hour, the scoreboard showed a 7-7 draw. In the 20th minute, thanks to two runover goals, our team developed a two-goal advantage (10 -8). In the last minutes of the first half, the two teams could not get goals, and thenfinally the teams could take a break with a 15-12 lead for Győr.

The second half started with a 3–0 storm from Győr, so the home team's head coach asked for time out in the 34th minute (18 – 12). After that, the Swedish team couldn't close out any closer to our favourites and in the 42nd minute the advantage was four goals (21 - 17). Thanks to quick goals and Glauser's saves, we held the advantage and by the last ten minutes of the match the teams had turned into a four-goal lead to Győr (25 - 21). In the end, a six-goal, 31–25 victory was achieved at the home of IK Sävehof.