In the 15th round of the K&H Women's Handball League, Győri Audi ETO KC played as a guest at Vasas' home. Already in the first half our team achieved a bigger advantage (15 - 22), in the second half the only question was the extent of the victory, and finally a 26-45 success was achieved in Győr.


Linn Blohm, Laura Glauser, Veronica Kristiansen and Nadine Schatzl did not play against Vasas SC, they were given a rest by Ambros Martín. Our head coach sent the six of Faluvégi, Háfra, Oftedal, Pintea, Hansen, Fodor and Solberg to the pitch as starters. The first goal of the match belonged to Noémi Háfra (1 – 0) and after ten minutes our team had a three-goal advantage of 7– 4 against Vasas. Five minutes later, the white-shirted Győr not only doubled, but further increased their advantage (13 –6). Turning to the last ten minutes, the team held a confident lead, and in the 25th minute the scoreboard showed a 19-12 lead to Győr. The first half ended with a 7-goal, 22-15 advantage.

In the second half, Solberg was replaced in the goal by Leynaud, and the show continued, in the 33rd minute Győr’s advantage was 10 goals, 26 – 16. With Viktória Lukács's goal, our team was already on 30 goals in the 40th minute (30 - 18). The difference between the two teams increased further, and in the 48th minute Ambros Martín's players led to 37-22. In the 52nd minute, Hansen's seven-metre goal put the team ahead, and there were already 20 goals between the two teams (43 - 23), Leynaud and the Győr defence performed outstandingly in those minutes. The last goal of the match was scored by the home side, but in the end the match ended with a 45–26 victory to Győr.

Ambros Martín: "I really like matches where the opponent plays with all their heart. They forced us to play a high-quality game, we couldn't let go for any second. However, that almost everyone says that it is natural for Győri Audi ETO to win matches, believe me, it is not. You have to fight hard to win every game, and that's how it was today."


Viktória Lukács: "Maybe it was a  bit obvious, that we were under a heavy load. All our mistakes were avenged today by Vasas. I think in the end the difference came out and we were able to win with goals from quick runovers."