The 2022/2023 season of the Champions League is kicking off. We will meet Team Esjberg, who also appeared in the previous FINAL4 in Budapest. The first game of the CL season begins on 11th September at 16.00, and will be broadcast live on Sport1.

After already having started the Hungarian championship, the girls of Ambros Martín are starting their campaign in the Champion’s League as well, in Group B.

The squad of Jasper Jensen, who is also the head coach of the Danish women’s national team, went through only a few changes during the summer. Two players have left, Estavana Polman and Marit Frafjord. The latter ended her professional career as a player and joined the management of the Danish club. They also announced two arrivals, Nora Mörk from Norway and Kathrine Heindahl from Denmark.

In the meantime, the team found out that Sanna Solberg-Isaksen and Dinah Eckerle are both expecting, hence they will not be available for play for a while. Team Esjberg started the season with winning the Danish Super Cup. Then, in the first round of the championship, to everyone’s surprise, they lost to Ajax Kobenhaven, who were considered to be candidates for dropping out of the league. After this major slip, they knocked out Viborg in their next game.

We talked to Ana Gros before the match.