Fan club

Fan club

Fans started to organize bus tours to matches in 2002. Since that time, there hasn't been an away match without fans from Győr. At the same time, fans formed a handball team as well to show other fans who is better on the field instead of just doing it on the spectator area.

In 2004, Veszprém fans organized an international tournament, called Fotex Fan Tour, where Green Danger, the Győr team, finished fifth, which was followed by a second place in the First National Fan Tournament in 2005.

The Fan club kept growing and with the support of the Audi ETO management they could get everywhere to support their team. After 2005, fans gathered together in Győr and the annual tournament was in the center of attention of every fan. In 2011 the tournament couldn't be organized in Győr but other cities continued this tradition by organizing their own. 

The goal of the fans is to support their team and create such an atmosphere at the matches that can help them to victory.

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