ETO travelled to Mosonszolnok for their last training match with youth players. This was the first match where Bódi Bettina played after her injury. The first combination was Kiss, Bódi, Broch, Puhalák, Mörk, amorim and Görbicz. We attacked first but the first goal was scored by the opponent. Broch equalized and after some minutes we were leading. The whole team was really successful; the court players kept scoring goals, Kiss saved brilliantly as well. As the end of the first half got closer, Tóth got suspended, The opponent was trying hard ot reduce the difference, but with the last goal, scored by Pál Tamara, the result was 8-17.

The first goal of the second half was scored by Broch, and then Janeska replied. The opponent could reduce the difference, but then we scored two 7-meter throws. Our team was playing hard in this half too, goals kept being scored, Tóth got suspended again, we took the goalkeeper, and then Mörk scored another goal. At the end of the half, the opponent missed a penalty, so ETO won 19-34.

Ambros Martin:” The last rehearsal before the performance was successful. I’m very happy about Bodi Bernadett’s beautiful return and I hope that Löke-Tomori-Lakatos trio can play again soon.

Győri Audi ETO KC: Szilovics, Knedlikova 3, Afentáler, Varga 1, Hársfalvi 1, Mörk 5(2), Korsós 2, Görbicz 1(1), Pál 2, Amorim 3, Orbán 2, Groot 2, Broch 8, Bódi 1, Puhalák, Kiss, Grimsbö, Tóth 2(2)
vezetőedző: Ambros Martín