She is an Olympic silver medalist, world and European champion with the French national team, and she recently celebrated EHF Cup victory with her previous club, but she has been waiting for joining her new team enthusiastically and motivated – she is Estelle Nze Minko.
It can not be said at all that the environment is completely new for our new playmaker, as spending a few years in her home country she headed for Hungary in 2016, so she is already familiar with the Hungarian League and the Hungarian Cup – not to mention the green and white jersey, which can be worn by herself starting from now.
Let’s read Estelle Nze Minko's introductory mini interview!

Let’s start with the very beginning – when did you start playing handball?
It all started when I was 12 in a small village, near to my birthplace. Before and besides handball I tried other sports as well, such as athletics, ping-pong and I also participated in the so-called multiactivity, which meant we could try out different sports every Wednesday – that's how I found handball.
This is a funny story how I chose handball, because it was the first sport where the guys passed the ball to me - I thought it means something (laughing). We were very few girls, and the boys didn't really let us getting involved.
I felt really comfortable with ball in my hands, because I could do all the activities I like – running around, shooting from different positions, jumping.

Let's go a bit further in time after the start ... How do you feel now here in Gyor?
Honestly, it feels so good that every day I am just wondering, "Am I really here?" And really! Because I go into the locker room before training, attend trainings in the arena, with girls around me who are all great players. At the first public training session, when we walked in with the same T-shirt, I had a real “this is something” feeling, a memorable moment. Many people have asked me if I had a dream come true that I could play here, and yes, of course, but on the other hand, I would call it as a surprise as well, because this is something in my life that I never thought would ever happen. I'm very grateful to be here.

You are already after two training camps with your new team, how did you come home, what was your first impressions?
When you come to a new club, besides handball, the most important thing is to have a good relationship with the others, the human side is very important for me. I like to get to know everyone, to find my place, because I think we can play well only if we really work together as a real team and have a good atmosphere.
We are currently doing some serious physical training, but I also find it very exciting and interesting. We have worked hard, getting to know the system and the expectations, everything is new to me, even though I have played against the team of Győr several times as an opponent.

What are your goals for this season?
My goals and plans are the same as those of the club - to win everything. I haven't played Champions League games for a while, so I'm especially grateful to be able to try again in the strongest women's club handball tournament and of course I want to win it.

How was your debut in front of the fans?
Before the first open training, I was a bit stressful at first, as everything seemed so official as we waited in the locker room before entering the court. Of course, when you come to a new team, you want the fans to like you and you want to be part of everything that comes with the team.
I am very grateful to be here and happy to meet them. I hope to be accepted into the ETO family - I will do my best for the club success and try to make the most of myself.

We hope that all your goals are fulfilled in green and white, Estelle!