If the coronavirus situation were not "enough", Zdravko Zovko, assistant coach of Győri Audi ETO KC  has even suffered an earthquake these days. We looked at how his days were going.

In addition to the coronavirus situation, an earthquake struck Zagreb ...

Undoubtedly it wasn't easy that morning, but I think unfortunately the virus is a bigger problem now than the earthquake a few days ago. Largely, in the old town of Zagreb it has damaged older buildings, where I live, fortunately no big deal. The first two or three days were hard after the earthquake, but as I see it, they have overcome that situation. Currently, the main problem in Croatia is the coronavirus. Fortunately, I and my family are fine.


How are the days going? Gábor Danyi mentioned that he was running. How do you keep yourself fit?

On the one hand, I do a 30 minute TV gym every day and on the other hand,  I walk around the house for at least 30 minutes a day. But keeping your body fit and healthy, I think it is just as important to train our minds as we need to be mentally prepared for the time ahead because of the decreasing stimulus. It is not easy to process it by doing good by staying at home.

Do you miss the matches?

I am a big sports consumer, and in addition to handball which I spend practically 90% of my life with, I like other sports. I have now plenty of time to watch old matches, so besides the ETO league and CL matches, I can now watch NHL and NBA playoffs.

I am sure you have daily contact with the team, with your colleagues ...

Of course! I talk to Gabor every day, talk about the latest news about handball, and of course I follow the players, so luckily everyone is fine. It's not easy for anyone right now, but it's important for everyone, players, coaches, fans, to stay at home, to help by bring the situation to an end as soon as possible and get back to normal life.