Social responsibility is of paramount importance to Győri Audi ETO KC year after year, therefore our club continues its "Good Deed for Children" charity campaign. The next stage of the campaign will be the Ferencváros derby on 17 November 2021, when we will organise a fundraiser for children raised in the framework of state care.

This year, our club's Christmas call arrives earlier than usual, the "Good Deed for Children", as our team will play the last home game of 2021 on 17th of November. On the occasion of this year's charity, we would like to ask again for the help of our fans and spectators, so that this time we can make Christmas for children raised in state care and thus their daily lives more beautiful and easier.

"We would like to stand for a cause that could be important for us and many others. Giving and helping children is always a beautiful and important task, said Club President Dr. Csaba Bartha. "As a parent, I know how important it is to give our children the most. As a sportmanager, I also experience by running one of the largest handball supply bases, the importance of childlike joy, as they will be the next generation of adults. This year we selected to support the Bagolyvár Children's Home in Győr, i.e. we organize a fundraiser for the little ones and the big ones living in the framework of state care. I respectfully ask members of the ETO family and all those who can and would like to help, make Christmas more beautiful for these youngsters during the match against the FTC. In addition, we would like to give the residents of the children's home an experience, so in January, if the epidemic situation allows, we will host the young people at our match. We want them to be able to get motivation and strength from the cheering, the cooperation on the court, the team spirit," concluded the president of our club.

We also asked Victoria Varnai, the head of the Bagolyvár Children's Home, about what children’s needs and what they are happy about.

"The Bagolyvár Children's Home is home to children in child protection care who have been temporarily removed from their families. We use the term temporary because before children are admitted to the home, a study of families is carried out by social workers and this environmental study is reviewed annually. Unfortunately, very rarely, but fortunately, it happens that a child can return to his/her family after the family has been able to settle their situation, but the fact is that this is very rare. We are currently operating a full house with 42 children living here. Everyday life takes place according to a regular system, practically, as in a family. We accompany the children to kindergarten and school, and in the afternoon the learning takes place in the presence of a supervisor, in four groups, according to age and learning needs, since we also have children with learning difficulties and disabilities. We also try to spend leisure time and weekends usefully according to age, as we have children from 3 years to 18 years of age. We, like all institutions, try to give everything to the children, but our possibilities are finite, so thank you very much for the opportunity and for the support of everyone in advance!" said Victoria Varnai, head of the children's home.

The Bagolyvár Children's Home would be grateful for the following tools and objects:

  • for the smaller ones: pyjamas (sizes 92 to 146), socks, new and well-preserved second-hand clothing (coat, jeans, T-shirt, sweater), towels
  • for the older ones: bathroom products (shower gel, shampoo, balm, hair care product, women's sanitary products, etc.), toiletries (perfume, make-up, etc.), new and well-preserved second-hand clothing (coat, jeans, fashionable T-shirt, sweater, socks)
  • sports equipment (badminton, table tennis, balls, etc.),
  • tools for creative craftsmanship (e.g. equipment for handicraft techniques, etc.),
  • school supplies (pencils, pen holders, pens, booklets, etc.),
  • board games and puzzles (for kids and adults, more like skill development),
  • everyday electrotechnical products (earphones),
  • packaged sweets

Donations can be made on 17 November 2021 at the Győr Audi ETO KC – FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria match at the collecting points located at the main entrance of the Audi Arena Győr from the opening of the gates, 16:30 until the beginning of the match.


Thank you in advance and ask for the support of our fans!