In February 2021, the Archabbay of Pannonhalma, distributor of Vis Vitalis water, and the Győri Audi ETO KC extended their cooperation agreement. This contract was extended by the president of our club, Dr. Csaba Bartha and István Polony, managing director of Vis Vitalis.


Our players consume a lot of fluids both during training sessions and matches, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the right quality of fluid intake. Since the beginning of the contract with Vis Vitalis, our club has been able to make sure that premium quality water is essential for everyday work, so there was no question that we would initiate negotiations to continue the cooperation.

"We appreciated that we have reached an agreement on the extension with a premium water brand from this region. In our club we use a huge quantity of water every week, so it is of the utmost importance for us that the water is of the right quality, because like everything else, we would like to provide the best for the members of the squad. I am glad that this season too, the product of the Archabbay of Pannonhalma ensures the proper water supply for our team." – said President Dr. Csaba Bartha.

Vis Vitalis will supply the team of Győri Audi ETO KC with the uniquely shaped bottled water in 0.4 litre containers, which also serves as the trademark of the product.

"We are delighted to be able to continue our cooperation with the internationally recognized and successful Győri Audi ETO KC. We are happy to to be able to contribute to the success of the club with our high-quality, natural mineral water." – said István Polony, managing director of Vis Vitalis.

The spring from which Vis Vitalis originates, is located in Ravazd, near St. Martin's Hill in Pannonhalma. The spring is also related to a legend according to tradition, King Béla IV, who was fleeing from the Tatars, stopped here to rest for a drink from the spring. Vis Vitalis natural mineral water is originates from a groundwater aquifer at a depth of 106 meters from a water base about 17,500 years old, which is crystal clear due to its closed water base and their age.