On 30th August Győri Audi ETO KC revived an old tradition in the form of a season opening picnic. Sympathizers of the club could meet with the new arrivals and request photos and autographs from the players. The event was characterised by a good atmosphere where fans could also enjoy a bowl of gulyás soup.

On Tuesday afternoon hundreds of fans arrived to the stage set up next to Audi Aréna Győr. The club invited all sympatheziers for a season opening meeting.

In the offical part of the event Managing Director Endrődi Péter reviewed the aims of the 2022/2023 season. „As the executives of the club, our job is to provide stability and a suitable environment for the world’s best women’s handball team. We have to live up to the expectations. We are not concerned about the past, we are only looking forward. We are prepared to run a perfect season. We have to win the Hungarian championship, the Hungarian Cup and reach the Final4 in the Champion’s League. However, we will do everything in our power to win this series as well” – said the Managing Director of Győri ETO Ltd., Endrődi Péter.

Head Coach Ambros Martín emphasized that the key to success will be defence. „I think we had a good preparation. Although, we didn’t play many preparation games, we did great work together with Brest and Odense. This season rock solid defence will return to Győr. During the pre-season we played against quality teams. We had a few problems, but we managed to solve them. We have not yet reached our top form, we would like to improve game by game, and hopefully finish in first place in every series. This will not be easy since we will encounter tough opponents both in the Hungarian League and the Champion’s League. We would like to give our maximum in every game, giving joy to our fans.”

Our new players were also introduced at the picnic: Sandra Toft, Line Haugsted, Yvette Broch, Ana Gros, and the team’s assistant coach Raphaelle Tervel. 

After the official part of the event it was time for informal conversations, colleting autographs, photos and a nice dinner. Our club’s partner, Új Zöldfa Restaurant, provided the gulyás soup and cold drinks.